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Rubi Lou
The Netherlands
Any fruit, bacon, salads, and a cheeky cookie here and there.
Tea! Anytime!
A bit of everything, but to give you an idea some of my fav bands are: Miike Snow, Young the Giant, Death Cab for Cutie, Nizlopi, Good Old War, Mumford and Sons etc.
Of course typical films like Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and Harry Potter.
My all time favourite film would definitely be Toy Story! Big kid at heart!
At the moment I'm watching: Supernatural, Homeland, Orange is the new black, and Luther.
My all time favourite would probably be Angel, aaah the memories :D
My favourite author would be a Dutch author called Couperus, kind of old-skool but so nice.
I like most books about the Tudor period, I can get lost in those!
For everyday reading I prefer thrillers.
I'm Liz, 27, Dutch & love French Bulldogs.
Hobbies: walking the dog, reading books, playing games, watching series, family and friends etc etc.

I live in an apartment with my husband and dog near The Hague. My days are spent working (too much!) and relaxing here and there with some games or some tv/movies. The husband and I are very passionate about films so we go to the cinema a lot. And I'm quite passionate about food, luckily that's a passion that I share with many guildies here! If there is anything you want to know, don't hesitate to ask!

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This was a big achievement, as Hennu and I set the goal of finishing the game before we started RL meet up 3. We finally did it, it was awesome!


Character Portrait
Rubi Lou
Durmand Priory
Rubi Lou – small in shape, big in personality

When GW2 was announced and we were getting introduced I knew immediately what my first playable character would be: a cute little Asura.

While Rubi looks cute on the outside, she is tough on the inside. With big morals she has her head screwed on the right way. However, when push comes to shove she will do anything to protect these morals (and yes, this does include deadly force).

She is a big nerd when it comes to technology. All her life she was drawn and interested in anything technologic. Even now, most of the time when you see her fighting, she will have a golem fighting right beside her.

Another strong point: she is a big diplomat. If the GW world wasn’t in a big crisis, I’m sure she would be in politics. Not only would she be able to use her intelligence, also her love for uniting people and giving big epic speeches. While she is often in the spotlights, she also knows when to back down and have the lights shine on someone else.

While most Asurans do not have a last name, Rubi does. This is another way of showing that she is different (and perhaps even a little advanced!).

As for her weaknesses? I would like to say she has none! However, this would not be very realistic. Rubi likes to over think and overanalyse things, this can make her quite slow in decisions!

Rubi is atm my only played character. Rubi has finished the storyline of GW2 July 2013. She will now continue to explore the world.
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Am on from around two afternoons a week and usually during the weekend to!


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