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Phew it took a while. Here is what has changed / been added to the website after July. :)

New Components:

- New Commenting System - Komento comments, you can test it by commenting article, blog, event.. etc! 

- New Events Calendar - Free component, will allow event sign up via comment! 

- New Blogging system! - User Manual will come soon, but if you're blogging master, go ahead and try it! 


Website Structure:

- Layout: In June tested the 2 column Layout which still exists, aka Content area, and 1 column with important modules, at the right side of the website.

- Modules: Some modules bring news of content added to website, and for example New @ Forum and Guild News, Upcoming Events and Latest Bloggers (might turn into Latest Blogs) are 4 important modules on top of the content area, aka the middle area of website. Some stay in the right side column, and some at bottom of page, and need scrolling down from the first view. Check them out, get use to them and enjoy! :D They are here to entertain us and help us seek fresh info. 

- Menus: As you see vertical menu is gone and all are squeezed under top menu. Hovering on menu will reveal submenus. When using mobile or very narrow monitor, one click is required to reveal first all menus and then another click to reveal submenu. 



- Lifted our Secret section high up, so it wont go unnoticed.

- Merged some categories together, like Crafting and Trading

- Added word: Guild Missions into Events and Contest section.



- Marquee text flying on top of the site, below header, informing of important matters when we are up to something. Hovering mouse over it, will pause its trip. 

- Random Quotes, implemented already in June but needs more Quotes made by you! Or someone. :D Send your quote via this form. 

- Mumble viewer is back! The module on right side column of website, called HEH Mumble viewer, will tell you who is online in our mumble server currently. Join the Babble! 

- Our website Joomla version is still 2.5. Suggested is to wait till Joomla 3 will have version 3.5 out which is Long Term Support version. It will come out September 2014, so we wait till then. :) It is recommented to keep sites using 2.5 running until that so we hang on! :)


Next working with: 

- Responsive Forum Template so it works for mobiles

- Improving Header Images :)

- Gallery / Members Personal Galleries


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  • Looking great Hennu :)

    Let's see how it goes and how we can improve further!

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