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Testing new ideas and such, making little changes here and there and creating new templates the upcoming months, aka summer. Modules like Latest Forum posts and such will change some places, and once stuff is in "final spot", I wish to hold a survey about the website from all you HEH members who wanna participate in helping making the website better. I am amateur so, yes, I need help and guidance. 

The ultimate fate of this website is: I must put the latest Joomla version, aka J3 working on this site on August. So until that, we enjoy the last days of J 2.5 generation. That project of transforming this site from J 2.5 to J 3 with all data, will take many days I am afraid, so that is why I shall do it in August on my holiday (after the HEH Rl meet ;D).

I try announce in middle area of website before hand if website is going to be closed for maintenances. I mostly try finish those on weekend mornings, while many of you guys are still sleeping ;D. 

Enjoy and bare with the changes plz! 

~Website (m)admin Hennu

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#3 Hennu 2013-07-07 12:52
This morning/day updates:

- Forum version, and latest forum posts module had new version.

- Random quotes, a new fun thing and a submit page for quotes!

- Full backup of this joomla site and whole HEH domain. We have about 300 Megas of precious stuff here :)
#2 Hennu 2013-07-05 08:41
Recent changes:

-Layout change: Now template columns are both on right side. This change was made to easy the reading of articles and forum topics in the main content area which now no longer is middle but most left. It is a noticeable change, but give it a few weeks to get used to. Now content area is not walled in sufficating way, and hopefully reading is clearer now.

- New template style: This bright coloured festival template will be default for July, more templates with same column structure will come in August.

- Latest pictures now at frontpage. Clicking it will take you to the gallery where the pic is in.

- Some menus from Vertical menu will be moved to horizontal aka topmenu. They will be nested with the similar categories. Goal is to have awesome logic in nests :D
#1 Hennu 2013-06-15 21:46
Now top menu guild missions guide has all direct links to the guild missions we got unlocked! :)

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