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Yeeah.. WWM aka Website Weekend Maintenance coming! :D 

This Saturday Website Closed for couple hours, around  12 pm-2 pm GMT. 
Rince and repeat on Sunday. The times might change.. but I announce this now so you know why website might be down! :D

What am I gonna do now: 

  • Well.. Naturally Wintersday template has to go.. :( so something comes to replace it. 
  • Fixing the "Help" page and making it contain that "new members guide to HEH" either linked or in the actual article. 
  • Website is very living..time has passed and...therefor More ranks & medals are needed. 
  • Updating all the website menu content that has been neglected.. :)
  • Supply & demand.. website profiles will get more space for more characters..heheh :D!! Also bit more tweaking into the profiles, to support "what level fractals is everyone" -idea. 
  • Surprise (if it works) (lol).

There! So I try fix these things sooner than last website maintenance when website was down several days.. ;( Teehee.!



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#2 Hennu 2013-01-23 07:09
Can everyone try fill some of their characters Fractals levels! Then check out if it appears correctly in top menu -Fractals list!

Also fill "highest fractals difficulty level from GW2 tab of profile as well, because this has its own list too. Select list from drop down menu in Fractals menu!

Thank you in advance! This will help to test if the idea works. :) I hope this helps everyone to track their progress, and to help each other by syncing same leveled chars on same trips!
#1 Hennu 2013-01-21 20:33
Done!!! Very sorry for it taking 4 days instead of some hours of just two days. This happens everytime, it is overwhelming, endless world the website tinkering.. However, now I pause for while. :D! Here what done:

  • New Template: Sylvari. I really hope you approve it dear HEH's, tried to make it as Enchanted as possible!
  • Help Page + New Members Guide.
  • New Ranks & Medals. - Finishing this one up LATER THIS WEEK! Already made some funny ones for you ;D! But they need icons and stuff. :)
  • Menus Updated! Some of them even make sense now! WEeeeee! JK :D! (PS. Guild History will be updated fully when I have like,,, week off from work or something. xD
  • Profiles Updated! There is now Fractals field to be filled for all your characters. Also there is 2 more character "slots" on the website, which makes it total 10 now. I know some of you have that many,, (*looks at Darren*). Also each characterslot now has crafting selection as well, fill it up!
  • The Surprise.. fail :(. I try next weekend again. In the meantime, there is polls and at least visitor counter to entertain you :D!! (mini surprises for now)

Other "Normal Updates" I made were:

New Joomla version, we are now running version Joomla! 2.5.8 (Joomla 3 has been released, but we run Joomla 2.5 until official updates will end, which is somewhere October 2013..)
Alphauserpoints had new version as well, updated.
Emptied Cache and made sure we still got lots space on our website left. In case we running out, theres always possibility to update to larger, now we are at 40%. :)

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