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Here shall be my official bugfix list! (Visible only to registered users)

I try update this and I will leave comments on so members who notice bugs could also post it there.


Current list of bugs Hennu tries to fix : 

  • Editor lost scroll button for some reason. Annoys the heck out of me! Yell

  • Uploaded pictures appear much smaller than they are intented! Solved From Forum, Now Gallery.
  • Website random log outs. Testing Cache settings and Remember me function.

  • Apparently smileys floating above the row of text they are supposed to be. <insert angriest smileyhere>

  • Some fonts showing badly still in some places, aka bad colour against certain background colour. Fixing this within the new templates!'

  • Chat box Scrolling down in Mozilla for some reason. Skip. Changed the refresh rate to 20 seconds, and it does not scroll that often. :O

  • News Feed of GW2, weird scroll bar issue.


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