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Heyys :D! Time to dedicate time improving the website again. 

This weekend, Saturday Afternoon, dont wonder if suddenly website is down. It is Hennus doings! 

And same thing happens on Sunday afternoon! 

I think I aim closing the site around 1 GMT pm both days. :) Might not be that precise but something like that. :D

This time: 

  • Template Tweaking again (e.g. forum scaling width size issue on small monitors/screens)
  • Trying to get that RSS News Feed of GW2 news working, so its okay if I forget to write new news articles of the GAME itself! 
  • Surprise stuff will be added (if it works LOL) :D
  • Clarifying Menu contents once again. Very possibly changing module positions (Modules like "Upcoming Events")
  • Updating Bug Fix list, aka trying to solve some old things. :D
  • Carrots, Onions and Butter. (Yes, every website needs them).

Lets see on Sunday what stuff I changed!! :D

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#1 Hennu 2012-12-22 19:43
Phew. That took some time.

* Wintersday Template added to the collection of templates. If you arent sure you are seeing the correct template, please click: Reset button from template chooser from down left column of the site FRONTPAGE only. Next Phase: Making 1 more version of templates that should serve smallest of them screens, so forum shows correctly.

* Narrowed Some Menus down xD! And changed module positions.

* List of GW2 Quick links banners modified a bit more identical, hope its nice for you. Personally I use these quick links alot.. Lazy me.

* I had 3 surprises but only 1 New Surprise thingy worked :(.. The surprise: Guestbook for visitors is now added. The other surprise thingys still needs testing. :)

* The RSS Feed thing is strange (Test, GW2 main website, bottom corner, RSS logo) i dont get why it gives old Halloween RSS feeds there so, I couldnt put that module showing GW2 newsflash yet. Working on some other solution. Hopefully Quick links to GW2main site helps in this :)

* The old buglist is now made into separate article, this also helps me to locate the stuff I am working with.

About the 2 new surprises, I try fix them up at some point, but what I think now.. is..that I go enjoy the wintersday craziness!! :D

P.S. The 3rd picture in header, is called: The Princess Story. ;D

Edit: Totally forgot to mention that I did some updates too: Forum component had new version - updated. Also removed website cache again. :)

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