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Website will be closed around 4 GMT - 6 GMT..I have to update some components like the user points system, and update some template versions and I think its best to close the site rather than make anyone displeased cause they got kicked off suddenly!! :D

I will also make little changes on menu, forum categorizing and Ooooother stuff!!! :D

Sunday Maintenance coming at 9 am GMT - 11 am GMT


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#4 Hennu 2012-11-11 11:35
Sundays Maintenance done also!

What did I do?

- New Template now available: Norn! (set as default)
- Marketplace lost its spot from top menu as it is not used much. It is now found under The HEH Guild Menu!
- Also Marketplace Recent Module is now only found from the same menu as above
- Forum category order and public/register ed visibility also edited, you can compare now by logging off what regular surfer sees compared to registered, logged in user.

For now, forum has ranks and Website User points has medals, to clarify the difference between both of them. Therefor couple updates:
- New Ranks available at forum! (Based on how many forum post user has)
- New Medals available in user points! (Based on how many points user has)

Thats it for today and of course keeping eye open on how things work and going trough bug fix list and other improvements :)
#3 Hennu 2012-11-10 16:09
Please remove your browser cache! Comment here if you dont know how to do it and I put instructions. :-)
#2 Hennu 2012-11-10 16:04

What did I do:

- Updated AlphaUserpoints (there was new version)
- Changed Activity Status Display type on profile (it is now mouse-hover button)
- Halloween Template is no longer default template, but still selectable by user from Template Chooser
- Asuran Template updated to ver 7, should show text on white background like forum

To be Continued Tomorrow! Maintenance number 2 :D
#1 Hennu 2012-11-10 14:41
Starting 1h earlier, aka soon.. in 20mins xD!! Sowwy :D..soon you all get kicked out ;/

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