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This will be the official Help Center! Check here if you are in trouble / or need details of how something functions on website! :)

It is highly recommended that you use Google Chrome as your browser on website, because that is what this website has been tested to look the best and accurate! :D. Mozilla Firefox was the 2nd best to pass HEHness test.

Completely New To The Guild? Check this new Members Guide to HEH to max out your HEHness!

After registering, there was this fun list of tasks to do, that members can start with on the website Click Here

Editing profile

  • Every member on this website gets own profile, which they can update whenever they feel so. The HEH guild requests that members update their profile at least few times per month so the website shows accurate info that you share with your guildies! :) 
  • Some tabs are visible publicly and some tabs are visible for registered members only. Check when clicking update profile, each tab has listed which category it is.
  • Some fields exist in both public tab and private tab. If you want to show something also in public tab, then write the information in this field in both places: Public and private tab.
  • Website Medals tab shows which medals this user has earned from Website User Points (scroll down for more information).



  • Every member of the guild can make their own album in the guild gallery. :)
  • Create your own album via User Menu - Control Panel - Gallery Control Panel and tab called: Main Category!
  • Currently users cannot create subcategories.. Only Admin can for the official HEH galleries.
  • Current Limit how much space each member has.. is 10.46 MB.. monitor your situation from the gallery User Tab. In case you are running low, try make some pictures smaller :)


Writing a Blog!

  • All members can write blog entry! Go to User Menu - Control Panel - Write New Blog Entry - Editor opens up and you can write an article.
  • When in editor, make sure that you have selected Status: Published, when you are ready to publish your article!
  • Also check out if you are making a blog or story and select the category correspondingly! If you have important GW2 news you want to post, you are allowed! Then use category: Guild Wars 2. Or for example if you are hosting a huge event and it needs its spotlight, Yes, create an article in category: Events & Contest and I will help with putting it up very visibly! Blogs and stories will appear in front page: Latest Blogs and Stories, and all the other.
  • If you are unsure which category to use, select uncategorized. PM Hennu and we figure together which category is best! Try avoid ticking the box: Featured as this is the frontpage main spot advertisement / welcome message area of website. :)
    Happy Blogging! 

Events Calendar

  • Every guild member is free to post events in guild events calendar! We courage to do so, even if its a small event you were planning. It is awesome to gather with the guild! :D Remember to post details into the topic. 
  • Please remember to post your birthday to the Events calendar (optional of course) and make it so it repeats at least next year. Then your guildies know when to celebrate with you and perhaps send nice gift in mail!
  • Currently all events require moderator approval.. sorry about this. So pm leader or any officer to approve your event if it still did not show up!

Website User Points

  • Website users can earn Website User points and with these points you can earn Medals and Ranks on the website. This is purely just for fun! A friendly competition that encourages members to stay active on our community's website.
  • However, this does not courage for spamming. You can earn points only once per day, of same activity. 
  • For example, creating a forum topic gives you points. Once per day. 
  • List of Current Rules is here: Click to view article


Then send private message to Hennu, the website admin and describe what happened. 

Or.. check this topic at forum, to see if your bug is already noted! If not, post into that topic!



This article is actively updated! In case something is missing, a guide to something on website, pm Hennu to suggest it! :D And then.. More guides coming!

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