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The story continues..

Ding 30. Ding 30. Ding 30. Ding 30. Today, four more characters reached their lvl 30 so now they finally get a ELITE SKILL! So happy I am!! 

Meet Hen Solo the Charr, Henriikka the Norn, Henzura the asura, Heather Nightshade the Sylvari,  and last but not least.. .Katya Nightflame, the human first met 250 years ago.


Ok, last year I was telling about a deal.. Originally, I was supposed to complete a challenge, which was: reach level 80 before 27th of Decemebr. Original story about the deal is in here, and follow up story was here.  

There is more to this deal.. Henzura still cant use the Hoodie or Mask. (cant have it visible.) I have agreed with Dav with the following terms: 

To unlock hoodie: 

  • 5 different races must reach level 80. 
  • Already have 1 human at lvl 80, so will need 4 more!

To unlock mask:

  • Must reach 100% map completion on the account.
  • Must reach the dungeon achievement, aka do all dungeons which gives the Dungeon Master achievement.

After these are completed (no due time.. for now), Henzura can be anonymous again. 


Still fighting with face revealed. This has made her to change her tactic a bit. For now, she has to play a Charming role. Make contact with people, get to know them, be friends with them, socialize, and then steal some jewelry. :) 

But one day, she will have her mask and hoodie back, and then.. she will disappear to the shadows again.. Until that.. 

 Back to my adventures!! 


 (actually back to.. Real Life and sleeping.. because I was not tired after this awesome gaming weekend.. xD EEK MONDAY AHEAD.)

Would anyone want to boost my challenge by suggesting a timeline in which I must reach those terms? :D


Hennu the adventurer

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I just came up with a great idea, why not tell the story of how the Shino clan came about? I'm going to tell this like a story

My story starts off on a warm summers day with Pigh the Togh, a noble ranger from ascalon and from the land of "Silent as the Suns account", he was Shinos original character. He was very happy, but one day, he got summoned to a new land: the land of Hyrule

! So Shino had to stop playing guild wars for a long time (or something like that) When he returned to the land of "Silent as the Suns account" He discovered that his old guild; "The Red Dward Mining corparation"                         The flag looked something like this

had disbanded and the nation of "Silent as the Suns account" had sought shelter under the mighty nation of "Happy Enchanted Heroes" He didn't really bother to talk to the guild and just let his brother do all of the talking, one day, Pigh the Togh got killed by "A lot of crazy nutcases who spam people to death with fire in pvp" Shino realised that rangers suck and that assassin were good (this was before they got nerfed) then Shino decided to get his own account, he realised that "Shino" was a cool name, so he put "Silent" in front of it.

Once he had his account name, Silent Shino realised that he needed a guild, so he decided to see if he could rejoin HEH, so he remembered some of the officers names and went to see if they were online, eventually, he came across a man called Kosanus Dinasty and asked if he could join the guild, to which Kos replied "Who are You?" This is when Shino realised that he really didn't talk to the guild that much, so he came into the guild under the alias of "Silents brother" and just carried on with guild wars until he got called to the land of "spore" where he killed lots of aliens and owned a spaceship.

Eventually it came to a nekkid flare battle  and the nation of HEH were holding a pvp tournament, so Shino decided to join, he realised that he was a terrible pvp player so the queen of HEH decided to help Shino out a bit and told him how to prepare some stuff for pvp and she gave him the nickname "Shino" since Silent was already taken. Shino just decided to go by this alias on the internet, simce it is easy to spell and it is the name of a really awesome character in the japanese anime Naruto.

Shino started becoming more sociable with the nation of HEH since they were nice people and he had gotten readdicted to guild wars 2 at that point. Howevrr his account got hacked, when the Hero "Silent as the Sun" got the account back, Shin o realised that nothing had been taken and that he had nothing worth stealing, so he went to a different land (game) where he had lots of cool stuff. Then something AWESOME happened, there was an announcement that guild wars 2 was coming and everyone went nuts trying to get the achievments for the HOM. Shino wasn't actuaally going to play guild wars 2 until his brother appeared out the mists and told Shino that there was going to be a beta for GW2. When he was creating characters in the beta, he realised that it was far too complicated to think of so many character names, then he realised that Shino was easy to type so he created a law that said "All citizens of the land of Shinos guild wars 2 account must be called Shino because it takes too much effort to create character names"

That is how the Shino clan was formed and how I joined HEH. I would have put this on the forums welcome bit but I'm not exactly new, I've been the guild for around four- five years and it would just look silly if I did, anyway, I hope you all enjoyed this blog entry.

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My first idea was to write an blog about the first HEH WvW event with commander Dan but time is running you know. so okay sorry dears friend but i decided to focus about the second official WvW event. Let's call it the Awesome's event.

Awesome's event


Let me tell u one more time the background of this event. One week ago, A dozen of heh members formed the dan Army. Like the Harry potter's army but with a brit who can't create this amazing ghosted stag.  Seriously The aforementioned (Dan not Harry Potter) decided to teach some WvW tips to all of us. How to charge efficiently, sneaking and conquer some towers, defend it. Nice. Drawing on its success, he decided to renew the experience. But each day has its own story... That's how begin the Awesome's night


Week 2 : The Awesome's evening.


5 PM GMT, back to my house. Quite an hard day, definitevely need some day-off.  stop thinking about this Altaris u have the next 6 hours free.

Schizophrenic Altaris : stop thinking about this Altaris u have the next 6 hours free. Just for u. So what do u want to do, altaris ?

Altaris : i'm exhausted don't want to swim this day... Please other me. leave me quiet.

schizophrenic Altaris : Okay so maybe a good book... u don't finished the story of siddartha. And u owe a feedback to XXX about it.

Altaris : NOOOOOO? IT4S GW2 TIME §§§§

Schizophrenic Altaris : Nerd.

I was so happy to spend my next hours to have fun on WvW with my new Guild. now it's alsmost the time to have fun. And Icing on the cake (btw the french idiom is litterally "Cherry on the cake") i will be on time for the WvW Event. Cool.Starting computer : done. Clicking on GW2 shortcut : done. Log in : Do... WAIT !! PROXY ERROR ?! Okay don't panic altaris try again. Proxy Error. Third : Proxy Error. 5.20 PM Proxy Error,  Proxy Error, Proxy Error...  time is runnign YOU4RE KIDDING ME ARENA GUYS ?§ And at least 10 minutes before, i joined. Cuz i was not the single guy to have these difficulties, hennu asked us to join MUmble.

* Dan joins Mumble *

Hennu : Heya Dan

Altaris : Hi Dan

Dan : Hi Hennu, Hi jukka.

Hennu : Jukka is online but he's away Dan brb in some minutes.

Dan : But i just heard him

Hennu : No it was Altaris

Dan : WTF !??? Altaris speaking on Mumble ?

Altaris : ... (In this moment i was thinking, thanks dan for this nice encouragement. :D)

Step by Step all of us succeeded to login on GW2 All of us ? No, somewhere in A far away nothern european country a girl is still trying to log in... Not your day, Hennu :o) But i try to summarize the best moments of dan's orders. Just for u, Hennu. :o)

Dan's commanding during an hard battle :

Wvw event 1

WvW 2
Dan's commanding after a fort conquest

WvW 3

Dan's commanding after this hard evening

WvW 4

The single common denominator between my two first HEH WvW : I truly had some fun. And i don't need to speak when :

  • All of us  except Sabine died cuz of a stupid leach (Dan's was leading at this moment ? Coincidence ? Don't think so)
  •  we were fighting roughly five minutes to kill one single guy in a supply camp
  •  Underoos and dan gathered some onions during a huge battle. No small benefit...
  •  Lafreeze failed to jumped on the battlements and its reaction : "No i'm staying here, this place is more comfy"
  • Xyber dressed up in wizard Tried to broomed Underoos

Honestly, the single moment when i didn't have fun anymore ? When we've followed a zerg. Please Advise. So if one day dan propose u a WvW event, just read this blog again... and don't expect to earn money.

Thanks HEH. One nice Evening. Again.

Altaris Bordeleau

Dark side of the moon resident.


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first of all before you start reading here is some backing music to fit the theme



One day in early dawned a day. A day like no other where all things wept, wept for the loss of a brave hero. This hero had been behind the very essence of guildwars and guildwars 2 along with many other heroic deeds. This hero was of course my internet connection. The world in which i am now writing in was plunged into darkness and dispair and there was a great void that filled the household. Then one day a new hero emerged a hero that could end all the darkness and bring back the light. The glow brought great life to the household and rose the greatest hero of all (silent as the sun) back from the dead and ready to face many new challanges.



(in short we didnt pay out internet bill so we had to get a new one which has just come through today XD no cutting off of my hands sorry hennu)

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It's taken a week of Dan telling me the pros, me playing on my guardian and very helpful strangers in WvW giving me awesome builds (I added her to my contact list)

A week ago, I absolutly hated playing as an engineer, I kept getting pwned by various people in pvp, in fact, I got killed by a wolf when I fell of a ledge next to it and had 300 health left, but then last night while I was playing as my guardian, I realised that the guardian is no fun to play as (my opinion) sure you can summon various tools such as a hammer and a sword but you just don't anything good out of them. The turrets for an engineer however, that's a different story, they take a hell of a lot longer than the guardian weapons to kill. Mobs usually attack the turret instead of you so you can make a hasty retreat.

The turrets are also different from one another, the thumper turret is my favourite because it has loads of health and it knocks people back when you overcharge it, also, when you combine it with elixir s, you turn yourself small and charge into the center of loads of people, then you place a thumper turret down and overcharge it, this sends lots of people flying and it is funny to watch, also this doesn't take very long so you have enough time to run back to safety. The net turret is also very good, using its tool belt skill, you can immoblize people, if you combine that with the weapon skill of a rifle, then you have twice as much immobilizing to practise with. The rocket turret is alot of peoples favourite because it is ranged and does a considerable amount of damage, in my opinion, it doesn't even compare to the thumper turret. 

I also found out about the tool kits, I just thought that they were somthing the designers put in because they didn't have any more ideas on slot skills, but it turns out that they actually do work well, the grenade and flamethrower kits are my favourite, the grenade kit does a ridiculous amount of condition damage and the flamethrower kit does a ridiculous amount of damage (for an engineer)

This is a great starter profession, it is very weak compared to other profession and it sucks at one on one but it is the profession that is the funnest, I have tried all of the other professions (apart from necros) and the engineer is the funnest y far, it is also a great supporter, the supply drop elite is AWESOME,if you hit someone with it then it stuns them, also it has turrets that do damage as well as having bandages to heal you, this is another skill I drop in thje middle of a crowd, it stuns people and the turrets damage them, also if your side starts pushing them back, then they can heal themselves with the bandages, also if you combine this with the flamehower build then you do huge damage to crowds, if you had a whole line oof engineers at the front line then the army would be unstoppable (in my opinion)

Sure it is not great at PvP or WvW (these are the main reasons people play gw2) but they are epic in almost every other way, for example; they pwn npcs, in fact I have been able to take out 3 entire supply camps on my own and two of those had 10 quaggan guards in.

Not to mention they are veterans (not the guards) you can also use the grenade kit to kill champions, these are certain champions in malchors reach in the bottom left corner pf the map, there is a trio of risen sea monsters, a king crab and two giant krill. you kill the king crab, then you aggro both of the krill and throw grenades behind you, you also need to use swiftness and throw chilled grandes behind you, you don't get much out of it but you definatly get bragging right, however hen you kill those supply camps, you actually do get some brilliant stuff out of it, if you have magic find on then you can get rares out of it.

FYI:The engineer is epc but I'm still training up a guardian to replace it. 

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