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Information about this website: 


Site is being created by Joomla! ver 2.5


  • PreSearish
  • Asuran
  • Halloween
  • Norn
  • Wintersday
  • Sylvari


Links to Authors by clicking component name! All the components are important and great and thanks go to their original authors. 


Who sees what on this website? 

  • Main menu is public
  • User Menu is only for Registered Members.
  • Top Menu: Home, Events, Guild Roster, Forum, Marketplace, Join us! are public.
  •  Forum: Announcements & Important Stuff, Events & Contests, Guild Wars 2, Ideas sections and their topics are public.



Stuff to be added on website sooner or later!

  • New Templates! X
  • Screenshot Contest System! X
  • Gallery idea made clearer. 
  • Event Sign Up.
  • Profile Fields/Tabs improving aka adding more content. X (suggestions are also welcome!)
  • Ranks/Medals for both forum and User points! X
  • GW2bbcode (Coming...February)


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