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There is a lot more history than this page can tell at the moment. We will try to add more things when we dig up our secret journals!!!

Here is the history of Happy Enchanted Heroes.


The Path So Far


One July summer day in 2005, three happy persons decided to start something special. They had been members of same guild together, and decided to leave that place and make a chill, relaxed and friendly place, where the leader and officers are friendly and respect the members and each other, where Fun & Friendliness is the main goal of being together. They gathered in city called Lions Arch and discussed of the name and the cape looks. The White Dragon becomes the cape's symbol. The first few days HEH was known as Hyper Energetic Hullu's (where word Hullu is finnish and translates into: crazy) after which the official real HEH, Happy Enchanted Heroes was created on 22nd of July 2005.


In august 2005 HEH got a forum, which was welcomed warmly and used actively from it's first day of existing.



April 2006 Factions was released. HEH becomes a Kurzick guild with almost everyone and HEH joined to an Alliance. The alliance grew and at some point, after general agreement among the guilds, HEH was asked to became the leader of the alliance.

HEH starts to do regular GvG. Highest rank gained was around ~400 for some days. Then it settled. The PvP players leave HEH to join Alliance PvP Guild: SKiL. GvG becomes a seldomly done activity in HEH life and they do occasional PvP.

In December 2006 the old forum of HEH had to be closed, but not long from that a new forum was opened in different location. HEH allies with Lightbringers from Sky.



During 2007 HEH Guild grew and gained many new Guild Friends. The Alliance screenshot competition gets introduced in January, and becomes a monthly feature into the Alliance's life. First 4vs4 Alliance Tournament is being held and becomes an event being held sometimes.

Some guilds of the Alliance break or they leave the Alliance to join another.




HEH is still active. In march 2008 Captain Hen arrives to HEH guild hall with her ship and so begins A HEH Tour Around World. The trip ended in July, after which we traveled to Wizard's Isle as it was the very first HEH Gh in 2005 after guild creation.
July 2008 the HEH Website opens. October 16th the website had total 33 registered users.

Took the routine of organizing the screenshot contests and pvp tournaments monthly.

In december, alliance grew with few guilds.




HEH has inactive season in the beginning of this year, alliance got smaller as well. But later on, first of june, Elysium Alexandrica Leister [Alex] Guild joined into the alliance and Sixth of June Dark Silver Knights Of Ice [COLD] joined into alliance.

New forum opened in April, old one closed in June.

Due to busyness of real life, screenshot contests are put on a break from february to summer time. Long-term member and officer, Xyber X left the guild on 28th of May.

22nd of July HEH Guild became 4 years old, which was celebrated during two party evenings on 22nd - 23rd of July.


HEH Joined into Army Of Lightness Alliance, 18th of March.

In the summer we became 5years old, and celebrated it.



HEH Becomes6 years on 22nd of July 2011!! We are small.. but still active and having a lots of fun together. :)



Guild is still active and very alive, all anxious to get into GW2!! 

February 2012 Captain Hen returns to HEH guild hall, and tour around the world began again.


* * * * * * * * 


25th of August Guild Wars 2 Launches


* * * * * * * * * 


HEH was created on Saturday Morning ~7.00 am Finland time! xD

September 2012

30th September - The new HEH website is launched! Woohoo! 



January 2013 HEH is very active, weekly gatherings and hunting monthlies together!

Guild Missions begun and have been succesfully completed during the year. 

August HEH 3rd RL meeting occured in France. 



This year we went to UK and we had our biggest RL meeting where there was 15 attendants maximum! 

Our guild celebrated 9th year birthday. 



This was the 10th anniversary year of our guild. 

This year we met in Serbia, hosted by officer Kos! 



Guild became 11 years



RL trip to Italy and eagerlly waiting for GW2 expansion Launch on 22nd September!

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