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HEH Mumble Viewer

  • Root
    • Girls Only
      • Cool non-officers only
      • Simon only
    • HEH Party Channel
    • Livingroom
    • PvE
    • Random Room
    • WvW
    • Officer Meetings
    • AFK
    • The Noob Room

Here is the information about how to apply into HEH guild.

HEH is looking for like-minded, friendly and social players all the time. We don't focus on members playing experience, person with any level of gaming experience is welcome.

What we are curious about are things you are seeking in a guild and what kind of gamer you are and how often do you play.

You can apply to join by filling the HEH Guild Membership application form. You find this by clicking top menu: Join Us! 

Contact leader/officers in game:
Katya Nightflame, Rubi Lou, Eiryn, Freeze X J, Elayne Clayr, Silent As The Sun or Kosanlord.


Thank you for your interest!

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