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The HEH Guidelines

We are a friendly and relaxed guild, seeking to offer happy, interesting and relaxing moments for everyone involved. Nobody is a prisoner and freedomness is part of members rights, but there are limits. For example, we do allow members to "slip" bad language here and there, but when it goes excessive or is directed to someone personally, we have to step in. What comes to other behaviour in-game, we pretty much aim to follow what Arenanet asks you to follow when you accept the User Agreement.


However things sometimes get complicated and there are some things that we needed to state as guidelines for best of everybody.


  • Please don't insult any person/religion/country on any basis.
  • Don't scam other people in the guild/alliance! No exceptions.
  • Don't demand money/items and people to help you all the time (ask more nicely :) remember that people play the game for themselves, and asking help all the time and expecting people to always show up is just not realistic)
  • Please don't use excessive cursing, some slips here and there are "ok". :)
  • Don't harass other members by irritating them in purpose or violating their privacy.
  • Don't look down on any member's playing preferences. Everybody is allowed to play the game on their own style. :)
  • Do not put in any of the in-game chats, any vulgar or disgusting website links, song lyrics, or anything else that falls into this category.
  • Please do not take any sexally oriented disgusting name as your Character name.If you have such name that offends/distubrs guildies ( a name that would be banned by A-net) we ask you to change it, giving a notification. If it keeps happening and person doesnt change/delete this icky name for the guilds best, he/she wont get a third warning anymore (c'mon it already tells that you're stubborn and not even willing to change a character name for the guilds inner best.. not so much of a guild spirit there. ;). Which will result in a kick from the guild.

If you notice someone exclusively acting against these guidelines, please contact the guild management about it. We don't want to ourselves and are not asking anyone to continously watch and monitor others behaviour, the game is about relaxing and having fun, so only if there is disturbance in this force you should act for the better good.

Everybody should take a look at this page as a reminder of what HEH is about.

About Inactivity Kicks


We don't have extremely strict inactivity rules. We do have 3-4months inactivity kick which works like this: 3 months for people not members of website and forum and 4 months for those who are. When 4 months is passed, we send message via website/forum and after that if no reply in a week, we must kick.


Thank you for taking a moment and reading these guidelines.


They are for everyones good, so we all can play in peace, enjoy the game, the community and our guild!


See you in the game!


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