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Greetings again dear Mighty Happy Enchanted Heroes!

I tell news. News of the past! Yay!!! Okay, Lets take a look the last month and also what is ahead.

Announcements of past month:

Changes in Roster

A little change in the guild management occured the last month. Officer Kos (known as kitten Kos), has stepped down from the officer position. We have found a replacement.

On the first picture, the Kitten friendly Kos and on the second picture, Eee, aka Simon (aka my dear bf). Looking at the pictures, makes many wonder: Yikes, not sure if this was good idea O_O. Hahahaha! He can be found from the roster rank: Potato right now. Either case a huge Thank You for our Kos. Your great deeds are never forgotten. :)

New Members

Welcome all new members who joined during March and April. We have grown over the guild size of 70. Funny fact, that has changed from GW1, is that.. Dutch members no longer hold the 1st and 2nd position of most members from country, but actually Finland has become number 2, right after UK. There is no contest in this anyway! It is matter of fate/coincidence,  that the more from land of the snow joined here. :) All countries welcome anyway, as long as your true home world is Tyria. ;D


WvW Rank 

Currently theres another new rank in the guild, which is : WvW. Our WvW Queen Sabine is the one member in this rank. This means that she can now activate WvW Buffs and Such during her adventures of WvW. :) For example, our favo task, holding the North Supply camp and putting the +5 supply on it, is honorable and awesome task we like to do! :D

 Serious Farwyn Ready For Battlefield.

Commander title

On March 18th a ritual was performed. Ritual of Katya Nightflame to become PvE commander. A Little Misunderstanding was taken when notes got mixed up. And we were doing Bachelor party activities, instead of the regular "buy badge from Merchant".

"Hello I am Katya Nightflame. I have received instructions from my mystery contact. Instructions to how to become commander. And looking at the instructions, it seems that its some kind of Ritual. I seek assistance dear guild, come support me on this joyrney.  

1. Roll with pigs on ground @ Ossan Quarter. And say these words: "Oh Mighty Wise Pigs.. I call thee.. Let me unite with your strength!"

2. Rub pig smell on all nearby Nobles.

3. Go to pig place nearby house and drink "Anti-pig potion" from table. Bow. Drink the bottle next to the potion saying: "Rumble." on it.

4. Run down the streets of Divinity and scare citizens while yelling: LEEEEROYYYYY!! Go to Eastern Commons.

5. Stand infront of Mechanical Orchestra. Drink the bottle from nearby alley. Perform a "bear dance" infront of everyone. Make a Ursan Run trough Festival. Done.

Thats it, thank you for assitance. Hopefully the groom was happy afterwards. :) ~Mary "


In the meantime @ Guild Wars 1

Silent As The Sun has secretly taken over HEH. What is his plan, what is Professor Silent after?


True Story: The leader has been offline for 2 months in row. The Officer, who has been long time in the guild (senior officer) AND has the most recent "last logged in" time will be automatically promoted (less than 2 months). I laughed my behinds off when I heard about this. Hilarious. :) I actually went and played a bit in GW1 that day! Was crazy, nostalgic. GW1 becomes 8 years around 28th of April, so I will check out again how the first GW is and if theres any interesting stuff going on. 




Ah the Guild Trek..was unlocked on Tuesday 16th! We tested them first time this weekend, Saturday and Sunday. Please join everyone! :D We shall be doing these weekly, when needing merits alot! Now we are building politics, so latest next month we got Guild Rush unlocked, woohoo! 

Also a Screenshot Contest coming in May! Prepare your print screen button!


We continue our other regular weekly happenings which are:

  • Tuesday & Thursday Dungeons, your masters are Uncle Ric and Miss Julia. You will be seeing the flashy dungeon banner on frontpage and check the forum for planned runs, or suggest a location for the dungeon. :)

  • Wednesday WvWJoin Sabine, Freeze, or Hen. We abandon HEH mumble momentarily to join AG mumble for weekly Muster and awesomeness of Wednesdays WvW. Check AG forums for upcoming events. :)
  • Friday Reset WvW gatherings! Help AG to win! :D Or join for fun mumble voice chat and play with your WvW buddies, help fellow SGC members and meet new players. :)

  • Saturday & Sunday Guild Missions! Guild Missions reset every Sunday so around 3 pm GMT we do them. Latest on Saturday afternoon, we do weekly re-runs of Guild Bounty for those who missed the personal reward last time. Catch your rare golds and moneys! :D


Thank you all HEH's who have put their time and effort on alll the thousands of influence. You Rock! :) .. We Rock!!




Be seeing you in Tyria!



(P.S. Afk Silent on the background of this image, accidentally turned flamethrower at his direction too. Has nothing to do with the GW1 news.)


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