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Greetings all lovely heroes of HEH!

Whats going on with the guild right now, is what I am here to write about!

Been So awesome beginning of the year. And this week, something epic was added into the game: Guild Missions.. They are here finally!!!

On 2nd of March we had unlocked our first Guild mission: Guild Bounty and this weekend,, actually tonight Saturday we tested it! IT ROCKS!!! I Recommend every HEH to try them out! Check our FB page and this website events calendar for planned Guild Missions so you make sure you get to try it sooner or later! :)

Here are we proudly after the first completed Guild Mission: Guild Bounty Tier 1.

Other exciting things are our weekly happenings. We do regular stuff with a specific officer as your host for the event! 

WvW: we are organizing Weekly WvW sessions on Wednesdays 6 pm GMT. Your host is Dan! The sessions are crazy, deadly, extremely hilarious and full of enjoyment. With Guildies near you to rescue you from dangers!

Dungeons: We also handle dungeons, aiming on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Your hosts are Ric & Julia. Check spesific announcements for these from our FB page or here on HEH website. :)

Other On Going Stuff: Right now, also February-March screenshot contest going on with nice rewards, sign up ends Sunday 3rd of March so hurry! :) And this is a regular event also, happening every second month, or in special in game events, like Wintersday, Halloween, etc! 

The year has so far been amazing, we are more and more active every week. We aim to help each other in Dailies and now even more and more HEH successfully complete the Monthly Achievement!

This is what we shall keep doing and unlocking new guild missions, etc the upcoming months! :)

Thank you everyone who regularly logs in and represents often. :) The Happy enchanted people make the guild! 


Looking forward to playing with you all in the guild missions, and in the game over all! YESS!!!

 Hen and some random friends in LA

Yer Boss
Le Hennu the coffee monstah!
And on behalf of yer Mighty officers
Julia, Dan, Freeze, Silent, Ric, Liz. 



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