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YAYYYY !! Wintersday is here again. And I say again, because.. every December in GW1 there was this same event! And if you found those fun.. this is superb!! xDD! Its not too late to get a piece of all these enjoyement!! If you been extremely xmas preparing busy or study/work busy, no worries..these things are here till 3rd of January. :)

In short, here are the links to learn more about this event:

In your Hero tab, there is Special Event category of achievements! There's bunch of fun thingys to try earn, trough the activities of Wintersday :D!! Go for it! Its fun. 

Snowball Mayhem!
Good old snowball tournaments.. GEt the present and carry it to your own base, before enemy team does! For winning you get Wintersday presents to your inventory. 

Bell Choir Ensemble
In here, you can wake up the guitar hero. This is a musical pvp! :D You can try get achievements like: Become the bells, Ring of the season. 

Winter Wonderland
This is..where the awesome jumping puzzle is. Take a HEH team and go try it yourself! Must bring presents to ze kids! Aww. Its cool and even if you keep falling early off, give it an another try later! :D This one is timed as well, but its not as sick as Mad Kings Clock Tower (eew).


Tixx Stuff
Every day Tixx Airship arrived to one of the main cities. These were available again from Friday 21st when his airship arrives to Lions Arch and you can try those that you couldnt try yet! :D Completing each "dungeon" the first time gives you choice of 2 stacks that you can use to build a minipet! Or tonics and stuff. Choose which frame of a toy you want to build into a minipet and go to mystic forge to combine this stuff. Check Wiki for details! But either case all the stuff is Awesome!!!  YAY!! Also Tixx should give something spesial for all who visit him during that Lions Arch stay time. 

Don't forget Toycalypse, This is awesome Random assembled team vs NPC. :). Aka PvE in PvP environment..heheh ;D! Has its own category in the Achievement: Special Event category! Easy to get :).

Also if you are wandering around Tyria you might find Presents lying on ground. Just unwrap them, kill either dodge the meanies inside and take presents! Inside presents are woollen socks and stuff that you can exchange for stuff in Lions Arch!  

So please go and enjoy all the wintersday stuff! It will be around until January 

That reminds me: 


Join HEH wintersday Screenshot Contest! :D

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