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Whats going on with HEH!

Website is back up as you see! Apologies for such a long sleep time of the site. There was some human error :). Or perhaps, it was alien error cause it was me who made it har har har, but anyway...Guild News!



* So yeah, HoT came out (NEWSFLASH IF U DIDNT KNOW)! HEH still does weekly guild missions, like before the HoT release. Sunday around 4 pm GMT is the time for it (5 pm CET, 18.00 Fin). Join whenever you got some time to chill. :) We are in mumble voice chat as well. 

* We are also farming stuff together, and solo, for guild hall upgrades. Usually the announcement ingame tells what is wanted. :) There is also a spreadsheet document for tracking this stuff and sharing tips of farming. Contact me (Hen Solo in game) for the link. 


Other stuff going on:

* Guild's 6th RL meeting discussion has begun on forum! Currently our destination is unknown. Guild members, log in website and take part in the discussions! :D it is Exciting!

* Fractals Daily is provided by Kos quite regularly as well. Seek Kos for grouping for Fractals.

* Otherwise, if you happened to join HEH recently, remember to register on this website. Currently the profile updating system is still buggy but..other stuff should work :).

Make comments into article if you want to sent greetings to guildies, or suggest activities, or just simply say how you are feeling atm. :D


Captain Hen



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