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Greetings! :D I am happy to announce that we have own guild wiki. Originally we saw no use for such when first version of HEH website was created. But now.. almost 9 years of guild's existance, its quite fitting, to have pages.. just about us. So much history together already, everyone! So now it has been opened and feel free to go test it! You can find it here: 

Editing is only for us HEH members with user account on this website, so, visitors can just.. admire it. :)


The purpose of this guild wiki:

  • * Fun! Some funny page and it's explanation can really crack up our day. We are very humorous guild and that should definitely be eternalized so it gives good mood for long. 
  • * Epic! Historical data is saved in form that everyone knows how to use. All historical events and legendary terms are now easily stored. 
  • * HEH 101! Great introduction to new members, or members whom were long inactive. Great way to catch up on some funny guild terms, happenings and explanation. Nobody is left out. 


Thats pretty much it! And no, it does not contradict the purpose of this website. Website will always hold its number one place as resources on the guild information + communications. But wiki is what it is. Its neat way to search information and share yours. Handy, tidy, can help each other to fill pages. Database of awesome. Fun to make pages and then look what others have created. 

Feel free to comment on what do you think about the wiki, dear HEH members! Or, just go make your pages ;). 

Sincerely, Hennu The Wikimaniac

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