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Greetings oh dear and mighty members of Happy Enchanted Heroes!

Apologies for the news letter to take this long to arrive. The pigeons who carry them were on a strike after being fed low quality seeds in our offiicial guild pigeon message center garrison. 


But here it is. The newsletter about what has been going on the past months and what plans for coming months!



  • HEH became 8 years on 22nd of July. Oh my,,oh my how fast the time passes. We celebrated, had fun in both GW1 and GW2, lottery and party. :)
  • Liz and Hen finally completed GW2. Newsworthy event of Guild History.

  • At the same time the RL Meeting group was finalizing details of the meeting, all ready and excited to travel soon.



  • August 1st-August 12th the HEH RL meeting 2013 trip. It was amazing. Current month, October, there will be a MEGA BLOG about the meeting with pictures and videos. Please wait patiently that its completed and published by the RL meeting team. :)
  • Website changes august. If you missed this info: Read here what was updated



  • This month some changed in management group: Officers Julia and Dan resigned from Officer role. NOOOO!!! :( Reasons: Dan isnt active currently, and Julia is on an adventure in a german guild. All the best for both of them! Both are still members of HEH so we see them around, phew!! :) We held a demotion ceremony for Julia in the Ministry hall, where promotions usually have happened. Thank you Julia, Thank you Dan, for your heroic Deeds for the guild! The current HEH officers are having discussions about possible new promotions! Stay tuned. :)
    Julias demotion happened where promotions usually happen
  • Officers decide to have a regular officer meetings every 2nd Sunday. :) This is what it has resulted so far:

  • Profile update event that got 18 participants! Thank you so much for updating profiles everyone. :) Lottery was held and the video of lottery can be found from my blog called: Lottery! Check who won!
  • Couple reasons why Aurora Glade and Lions Arch is a crazy place: 



That is it for now.. Lets go make some new News and Lets keep the joy up! Meet you in the game :). 

With Love: BossHen


Mini Challenge for Everyone who reads this: Explain what is going on in this picture above (post article comment), and receive a surprise yummy thing in mail for it. :) 


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  • YAY, nice news letter :D

    I'm curious to hear what people think happened on that picture hahaha, will post my comments later ;)

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  • O.o tyvm ! this newsletter is an excellent idea ! keep up the good work ;)

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  • Youre welcome! Its my pleasure to document our awesome stuff :D! BTW; does anyone still have no story of whats happening on the picture ? ;D

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