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Welcome to Happy Enchanted Heroes first GW2 screenshot Contest!! This is partially experimental, as we are in new environment! :D its no longer only forum based. Also, i have created a form for uploading contest entrys spesifically! Ok, lets get going! :D


Screenshots Uploaded, Voting Ended, Winner Announced!

Congratulations to Dav! For Winning Screenshot Contest!

Here is the Winner picture:


Participant name: Dav


Story of Screenshot:


Mad King says... Lovïsa, CARV 150 PUMPKINS NAAAAW!


One hundred, and fifty pumpkins carved... with a lil help from my friend Mr. Skelly Chainsaw, I finally completed this huge task from Mad King Thorn. He secretly assigned me this task while he was playing "Mad King says." Anyway, he didnt mention I couldn't get any help.. ;) "Here, Lovïsa taking a nap, while her friend Skelly finishes the last."




Theme: Halloween!


In short: Take a screenshot about Halloween! Can be your halloween Greetings, Or Halloween Outfit, Your halloween Adventures.. etc! Anything Halloween from the game! :D 


Instructions: Cick this article to view the instructions :D!

Or if you know exactly what to do, go here directly: Submit Entry 



Screenshot Sending time From Friday October 26th till Friday 2nd of November, 9 GMT pm! --EXTENDED till Saturday, 3rd of November, 9 am GMT! Last Chance! :D
Voting Time From Saturay 3rd of November till 9th of November! 9 GMT pm



Voting System: 
We vote by placing comment to this article after screenshots are published. Scroll down and click down arrow next to "5 Images" No voting for your own pic, lol!

Points System:  
2 points to the screenshot you like most
1 point to the screenshot you like second most!



Main reward for winner:

  • 5 Black Lion Chests (Locked)
  • 5 Unidentified Dyes
  • 10 Trick-Or-Treat Bags!


  •  1 Gold (Xyber)
  • 40 Orichalcum (Shino)


Consolation Reward for other participants: 

1 trick-or-treat bag, 1 unidentified dye, 1 black lion chest and 5 candy corns!


Good Luck to Everyone! May the Halloween Spirit Enchant your Screenshots!! 



The participants!

Voting has started, here are the contestants and their pictures and their stories!

(pics are in sending order). Place your vote as comment! No editing of given points afterwards! :D Click the Arrow Next to word: 5 Images to reveal them!

2 points to picture you like most
1 point to picture you like 2nd most.


{pgsimple id=19}

Check the full pictures from gallery, aka this link press play button for slideshow

Here is somekind of attempt to show these screenies, hover mouse on a small pic to stuckify it to larger view box below. Ehh.. :D (Sniff..I tried)

{phocagallery view=category|categoryid=19|limitstart=0|limitcount=5|detail=0|displayname=1|displaydetail=1|displaydownload=1|imageshadow=shadow1|enableswitch=1} 

{phocagallery view=switchimage|switchheight=128|switchwidth=128|basicimageid=25} 



 Thanks to everyone who participated and voted! See you in the next contest! :D

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