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Welcome to Wintersday Screenshot Contest for the year 2014! Catch epic moments of Wintersday Joy and join the contest!



Theme: Wintersday!

In short: Snap a nice wintersday themed screenshot! Merry merry ho ho ho etc.. :D!!! Wintersday decorations are in Divinitys Reach so hop into the Game, join Wintersday Special Event activities and Bring your Wintersday mood into the screenshot. Then make a ministory for your screenshot, or just Wintersday greetings. You can choose to have 




Winner of the Wintersday 2014 Screenshot Contest is...


{phocagallery view=category|categoryid=35|imageid=147}


Darren! With 26 pts!! Congratulations to Darren :D!

Story of screenshot:

Stupid Humans leaving all the pretty shinies under this dead tree, I'm almost embarrassed to be stealing them!Innocent


2nd place: Silent, 21 pts

3rd place: Liz, 16 pts. 

Kos 10 pts

Ric 5 pts

Congratulations to everyone who participated and thanks to everyone who voted! Your rewards will be sent during the following week!

Winners, make a choice as comment what you would want. 







Instructions: Cick this article to view the instructions :D!

Or if you know exactly what to do, go here directly: Submit Entry 



Screenshot Sending time:  From Thursday 17th of December till Sunday 11th of January, 9 pm GMT 
Voting Time:  From Sunday 11th of January till Sunday 25th of January, 9 GMT pm !



Voting System: 
We vote by placing comment to this article after screenshots are published. No voting for your own pic, lol!

Points System:  
points to the screenshot you like most
2 points to the screenshot you like second most
1 point to the screenshot you like third most!




COMING UP! Main rewards to choose from (Winner with most points Picks First)..

  • 50 Gold
  • 50 Ectos
  • Gemstore Stuff worth 800 Gems
  • Mini Zuzu, Cat of Darkness -> wiki link
  • 10 Unid Dyes + 6 Rare Dyes


  • ? Welcoming Donations Gladly!


Consolation Reward for other participants: Wintersday Themed Stuff




Good Luck to Everyone! Catch the Wintersday Spirit, have absolutely fun times and snap some nice screenshot!! :D



Voting has started, here are the contestants and their pictures and their stories!
(pics are in sending order). Place your vote as comment! No editing of given points afterwards! :D

Click the Arrow Next to word: 5 Images to reveal them!

{pgsimple id=35|caption=3|tmax=6|imax=6|close=1}

PLZ remember to click each picture open separately from thumbnails below, to see its full width.
Some smaller pictures fit nicely to the website page of regular monitor, the bigger screens are not showing fully. :)

{phocagallery view=category|categoryid=35|imageid=0|limitstart=0|limitcount=6|}



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  • 3 Silent
    2 Liz
    1 Darren

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  • Naturally I would vote for myself but in the spirit of Wintersday I shall vote for my rivals :)

    Kos 3pts, Liz 2pts, Ric 1pt

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  • Darren 3
    Liz 2
    Silent 1


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  • Thanks for everyone who participated and voted :D Voters shinies will be delivered this upcoming week, 2nd of Feb - 8th of Feb. Winners of screenie contest, write here as comment which reward you choose. First Darren, then Silent, then Liz then Kos and then Ric. :) Thx.

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  • Thank you to the nice little Skritt burglar for posing for me :)

    I would like the Gemstore stuff if that is ok, I'm sure other people need the other stuff a lot more than I do :D

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  • Thats all yours! The gem store stuff Darren! I'll spam you in game which items you wish. :D So now Darren has picked, next is Silents turn to choose:

    50 Gold,
    50 Ectos,
    Mini Zuzu, Cat of Darkness,
    10 Unid Dyes + 6 Rare Dyes

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  • i will choose the 50 gold then

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  • Done, sent gemstuff to Darren and 50g to Silent, next one to pick from these is Liz:

    50 Ectos,
    Mini Zuzu, Cat of Darkness,
    10 Unid Dyes + 6 Rare Dyes

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  • Liz has chooosen the Dye set.

    Next up: Kos, what shall you pick.

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  • Surprisingly, Kos chose the kitty! So remaining rewarad 50 Ectos goes to Ric. Also sent most of the voters blessings ;) Enjoy! UNTIL NEXT CONTEST!

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