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Welcome to the Fast Halloween Screenshot Contest!


Theme: Halloween!


This year, the Bloody Prince returned.. Enjoy The Mad Kings Realm and all the activities during the Blood and Madness event and catch cool halloween themed screenshots! Picture yourself doing Halloween Activities, creating remarkable art, or partying till dawn. Most importantly, send picture that will Explode Mad King Thorns Pumpkin head! 


 The Winner of Halloween 2014 Screenshot Contest is..

{phocagallery view=category|categoryid=34|imageid=144}


Julia! With 15 points

2nd Kos with 11 pts
3rd Simon with 10 pts




Official Event Page! <-- click

Check Here details of stuff you can do! <-- click



CLICK HERE to go to instructions! --> LINK

Or if you know exactly what to do, go here directly to SUBMIT ENTRY --> LINK


FAST Schedule: 

Screenshot Sending time        From  Saturday November 1st till Friday 7th of November, 10 GMT pm!  Clock Time Extended after Guild Meetings!
Voting Time From Thursday 13th of November till 21th of November! 9 GMT pm



Voting System: 
We vote by placing comment to this article after screenshots are published. 

Points System:  
3 points to the screenshot you like most
2 points to the screenshot you like second most

1 point to the screenshot you like third most!



Reward Selections, winner picks first:

  • Gemstore Stuff worth 800 Gems
  • 50 Gold
  • 50 Ectos
  • 25 Ectos
  • 25 Gold
  • 10 unid Dyes 
  • Exotic weapon Set

- More pimped up during weekend- 




Donations are still welcome. You can place them into guild stash (the officer box) or send to Hennu with message that this is for Screenshot contest.



Good Luck to Everyone! Dont be afraid of the Bloody Prince.. instead.. GO MAD WITH HALLOWEEN SPIRIT and SNAP AWESOME SCREENIES! 







Voting has started, here are the contestants and their pictures and their stories!

(pics are in sending order). Place your vote as comment! No editing of given points afterwards! :D Click the Arrow Next to word: 6 Images to reveal them!

{pgsimple id=34|caption=3|tmax=6|imax=6|close=1}

NOTE: I DONNO UR MONITOR SIZE, SO PLZ remember to click each picture open separately from thumbnails below, to see its full width. Some smaller pictures fit nicely to the website page of regular monitor, the bigger screens are not showing fully. :)

{phocagallery view=category|categoryid=34|imageid=0|limitstart=0|limitcount=6|}


Points System:
3 points to the screenshot you like most
2 points to the screenshot you like second most
1 point to the screenshot you like third most!

Voting ends 20th November 9 pm GMT!

GL Everyone!



  • So the voting is on? Here is my points

    3 points go to JuliaHalloween - it is short and just fun :D
    2 points go to KosHalloween - cat <3
    1 point go to SimonHalloween - Love and that tiny skeleton :p

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  • 3p Julia (story ftw)
    2p Simppa
    1p Kos

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  • Something weird happened to my first comment.. I added my votes, saw that there was double post - removed the 2nd comment, and then both were gone :(.. Anyway here again:

    3 pts to Kos! = Such Epicness and Halloween spirit. This picture will remind me of awesome Halloween party with Kos & Liz, and farming in labyrinth!! Ah, memories. :)
    2 pts to Julia! = Awww I guess poor Aerette couldnt have known that not every creature has Halloween Spirit. In the end.. Aerette was the one who got the mummy outfit.. Right? :D
    1 pt to Simon! = Sry hun, biased.. :P But I do love the screenie. The Throw up being cut my skeleton is such a romantic scene.

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  • 3pts to Simon
    2pts to Julia
    1pt to Kos

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  • 3 points to Kos
    2 points to Julia
    0 points to Simon

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  • 3 points to Julia - I LOL'ed
    2 points to Simon - I have no idea what is happening but I love it
    1 point to Kos - kitttiieeeees

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  • Thank you all voters!

    Congrats Julia for winning!

    First Julia comment which reward you want, then after Julias comment, Kos comment yours and then Simon. :)

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  • To keep a track of rewards: Julia chose 50 gold (sent), Simon chose 50 ectos (sent) Kos chose Gemstore 800 gems (still choosing). Rest of the rewards, back in contest rewards stash for next contests! :)

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