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Epicness is here as our guild becomes 9 years, on 22nd of July. Join the guild birthday screenshot contest! Sending time Extended till.. 12th of August! Voting ends 31st of August.

 Voting Ended! We got the winner!

The winner is..


HILLE AND SAMI! With 11 votes!

CONGRATULATIONS TO Hille & Sami, married couple team work was victorious! :)

Of the tight voting match,
2nd Liz with 10 pts
and 3rd Simon with 9 pts. 

4th tie with Kos & Maria, 5th Darren! 


 Time to vote! Here are the participants! (click arrow with words "6 images")




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 To gallery to view each separately: {phocagallery view=categories|imagecategories=1|imagecategoriessize=5|hidecategories=1,2,11,13,16,17,18,19,21,23,24,25,26,29,22,27,30,31,28}




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Voting: Place your vote as a comment to this article!


Points System:  
2 points to the screenshot you like most
1 point to the screenshot you like second most!


Good Luck everyone! Voting Ends 26th of August.



Theme: Happy Birthday to HEH guild! 

Party time! Give your birthday greeting to HEH guild, or present a gift, or celebrate like there is no tomorrow - in form of a screenshot!

This time you are allowed to write on the screenshot, or draw on it, or add something on it, but idea is that it is still your own GW2 ingame screenshot as the picture that you are editing. Un-edited screenshots are also very welcome! :D. (Can be a comic too, but max 5 screenshots then).

Remember that you can and should still make a story, poem, riddle [max 700 letters], to attach with your awesome screenshot. :) 


Instructions: Click this article to view the instructions :D! <----

Or if you know exactly what to do, go here directly: Submit Entry <----- 



Screenshot Sending time:  From Wednesday 9th of July, till Tuesday 12th of August, 11 pm GMT!
Voting Time:  From Sunday 17th of August till Tuesday 31st of August, 8 GMT pm !



Voting System: 
We vote by placing comment to this article after screenshots are published. No voting for your own pic, lol!

Points System:  
2 points to the screenshot you like most
1 point to the screenshot you like second most!




7 Main rewards to choose from (Winner with most points Picks First)..

* Any Item(s) of your wish from Gemstore, worth 800 GEMS!

* Instrument of your choice! From Gemstore.

* 50 Gold

* 50 Ectos

* Bobblehead Laboratory from Gemstore! 

* Miniature 3 pack from Gemstore! 

5 gold + 10 Unidentified Dyes + 10 Ectos




  • Gold from officer stash


There will be Consolation Reward for other participants, that did not nail 7 main rewards. 




Time to go prepare for HEH birthday (also in RL).. So snap an awesome screenshot and enjoyyy your guild :)!!


 Votes come here, below article as comments.

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  • 2pts for Liz, made me smile :D
    1pt for simon :)

    Like 1
  • 2 points for kos because i like a good drink
    1 point to simon made me giggle

    Like 1
  • 2 points Kos
    1 point Hille&Sammi

    Like 1
  • 2 points to Hille & Sami
    1 point to Liz

    Like 1
  • And voting has officially (lol finally) ended now. Winner will be revealed at the beginning of this article! Thank you all who voted. :)

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  • Congratulations to all participants, and awesomely done to the voters. :) May HEH live forever!

    personally as an asura, its pity when such energetic jump isnt honoured. :P

    Like 2
  • Hille & Sami have chosen Bobblehead Laboratory! Next is Liz turn to select prize. :)

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  • Delivered Bobblehead to Hille! Liz requested Minis 3 pack, also delivered! Next is Simons turn

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  • Simon selected 800 gems worth shopping in Gemstore. So that is taken, remaining are:
    * Instrument of your choice! From Gemstore.
    * 50 Gold
    * 50 Ectos
    * 5 gold + 10 Unidentified Dyes + 10 Ectos

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  • Maria selected Instrument and Kos selected 50 gold, so those are off the list. Remaining prize goes for Darren so Mr. Darren let me know which one is nicest to receive and tell here or in game :).

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