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Hii! :D Here is a little website event! 


Please update your profile information between 15th of Sep - 30th of Sep and participate on Lottery, where 1 HEH member wins 10 gold! 


Yes, this is true!

10 ingame gold could be yours. All you need to do is to update your profile, so it shows you did it during this time. :)

Consolation of this little "Website event" is a shiny Ecto. :)


Looking forward to reading your up-to-date Profiles!

Check Event Page of all the participants. 

Who won? Check it from this blog post! CLICK CLICK CLICK

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  • Dav, officers agreed on meeting earlier this month that 10 char slots os enough for now, and also there is lotsa new content and living story events and lil details in game that ppl are happy about, things worth mentioning. Be happy for others and you shall be happy too! Like I said, there is plenty of space in textarea below the 10 char slots. :) already are in the lottery as you updated profile on Sunday, I dont see the problem here :D, just relax and wait.

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  • mhmm :P

    Yeah, I switched my profile pic to an asura! :) oh gosh, I think Iam starting to feel myself as an asura..... :o :(


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  • Well asuras are cool, Liz knows it too! xD

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  • Profile updated!

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  • Yes!! Thank you Sabine! :D now already 7 ppl in the Lottery.

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  • profile updated also, greetz/Daiquiri

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  • Yay, thank you! :D and gl to lottery!

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    And hell yes, Asura is just way too cool. So cool that I had to change my profile pic to!

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  • Done with only 1 day delay. I'm sure it is still technically September 1st somewhere in the world. :)

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  • Hehehehe, awww! At that time it was not 1st of Sep anymore..anywhere, nor 30th ;D.. but.. lets say that somewhere in Tyria it was. And that somewhere place in Tyria, will keep 30th going on, till 6 pm GMT tonight, after which you can ofc still update profile, but no longer participate in this Lottery :).

    Tomorrow the winner shall be revealed, in this news article! :D

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