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Dear HEH's, why would you not want something this cute? 


Remember the activities and the Festival main achievement, which lets you choose either mini panda or baby dolyak tonic, are quite easy to achieve! Ends 1st of July.


Wiki link to details how to get this 14/14 Festival of the Four Winds! 

If you like impressing the Queen, still time to try some dueling at Queen's Gauntlet!

Remember to turn in your leftover Blade Shards, (From Scarlet stuff) at Labyrinthe Cliffs! 


Watch our for Stalkers at beach, when following your favo celebreties, or when taking sun yourself!:



Here are some pictures to admire, from this awesome festival. 

{phocagallery view=category|categoryid=30|limitstart=0|limitcount=0|enableswitch=1}



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  • Still time to complete the achievements! :) dont give up.

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