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Katya's journey of 9 years


Logged in Guild Wars 1 today, because today 19th of May is the day I started playing Guild Wars 1 in the year 2005. 

Ah so many memories! :D


Its been awesome Journey. I remember thinking of the name so long and then listening Freedom Call: Flame in the Night song, and that is how the last name was created. First name came from my real second name, Katja. 

I created a "Night" -Clan where my other characters started to get the Night prefix to their names. Nightblade, Nightshade, Nightwish, Nightscythe. I even have some "lore" written about the Night-clan and their stories, just never got around to finish them! Maybe because the story of Katya Nightflame was never over! :D She found portal in GW1, a future teleporting portal and that is why the same character can be found in GW2 as well.

One day, when I truly have time, I will go trough the screenshots and stories and forum posts and everything we got, and create that flawless HEH guild history "book". There are thousands and thousands of screenshots of GW1 and now GW2 as well. 

Still when logging in GW1 brings back so many nice memories. I'll always remember that game. In that game, I Created the best guild ever, and met the best people ever, from around the world. 

Hoping that we shall play GW1 together and keep playing GW2 together. And the follow-up sequels too. :)

I love GW1, GW2, HEH Guild and I am seriously looking forward to our next RL meeting! =)


~Nostalgy Hen

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