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[WvW] WXP and its upgrade points

Hello hello all,

After roaming for a little while in World versus World, you'll notice that every time you kill red dots or capture things, there are blue numbers floating around. This is what we call World versus World Experience Points (WXP for short), and these funny numbers are the topic of todays blog.

First off, the amount of WXP you collected determines how you show up to enemy players, if you have a total of zero, you will be an Aurora Glade Invader to them. When you reach 5000 of the funny blue points, your 'title' will change to Aurora Glade Assaulter. More importantly, in the beginning you will get a world rank every 1000 points, which gives you a loot chest (yay, goodies!) and an upgrade point. The chest tends to contain simple junk and a few silver, and the points are auto-collected in the WvW menu ("B") under the 3rd tab. You can spend them there on various nifty tricks and boosts in WvW, but the amount of options is quite large, and once spent, you cannot take them back. (Anet occasionally gives a full reset of them, but that's only a few times per year on random times)

Since after the first quick ranks, points only come in every 5000 WXP (and titles even slower), the complete filling of all bars will probably take the casual player forever. So where to put the points you got? I've tried to make a nice list, with the basics, some good things (worth it) and nice things (worth it if you can pay for it). Note that I'm mostly focussed on siege, and to me the 5% bonus or so you get when killing guards is not worth the 20 points you pay for it, and the levels after that are even worse.

In the overview below, I give the required points in [brackets], and the level you get as L, and I count from the previously suggested level to the current.


The Basics

- [5] Arrow Cart  L1: Increases the range from 2500 to 2800. May not seem useful, but in most cases that's the difference between hitting the other wall or missing enemies.

- [15] Flame Ram L2: L1 halves the damage on you while using a ram, and L2 gives up to 10% extra damage (for everyone!) with ram skill 2. Pretty much needed when using rams.

- [5] Build Mastery L2: makes you use your supply a lot faster, and for the cost it's a no-brainer. Rams are up in a jiffy! Oh and you do not have to build twice if you have more than 10 supply... which can be rather annoying.

- [4] Repair Mastery L2: another cheap upgrade, makes you fix a broken gate faster.

- [10] Supply Mastery L4: Have a chance to recover spent supply, which means better use of what you have. Picking up supply faster may mean you get it, and not the guy next to you. A bit cheeky, but you get it for 'free' :P The speedboost isn't much, only a few seconds, but it comes with the deal.

TOTAL 39 WXP points so far.

The Good Things

- [5] Catapult L1: 20% damage to walls... what's not to like?

- [15] Trebuchet L2: extra damage, and most importantly, your mad cows now drain supply (very quick and over a long range) from enemy players. Deadly for a blob trying to bash down gates.

- [15] Flame Ram L3: extra speed, say 20% extra damage. It might go to Basic, but I think it's too expensive for that. Still, good to have.

- [5] Cannon Mastery L1: your cannon 1 skill removes boons, such as might, healing etc. Defensive and nice.

- [5] Ballista L1: Why not fire more stuff? Now your blista is suddenly useful to keep players annoyed as well. Normal blista use is mostly to kill enemy siege by the way.

TOTAL 45 + 39 = 84 points spent...


The nice stuff (warning: expensive!)

- [300] Supply Master L5: The most expensive upgrade you can get, but the higher levels are worth it. Suddenly you only have to walk twice to build an arrow cart, effectively you are 1.5 person with supply. Warning: being able to carry 'only' 14 supply still means 3 building trips! :P Since the lower levels are not really worth it, it's only under 'nice'.

- [70] Catapult L5: Actually all cata skills (except L2) are a nice upgrade, but they become progressively more expensive. The Cata L5 bubble is the bright white dome you suddenly see popping up over catas under enemy fire, and 3 bubbles after another (recharge time!) can negate an enemy treb completely...

- [45] Arrow Cart L4: Extra dangerous now, and over a larger area. L5 isn't really worth it because of its slow fire rate (once every minute)...

- [45] Ballista L4: For extra range, damage and easier hitting. Decent upgrades, the 5th is nice too but a tad expensive.

- [25] Build Mastery L5: Let's get this up before spending on useless things ;)

- [16] Repair Mastery L5: same as above...

TOTAL 501 + 84 = 585 points spent...

By this time... you've learned more about WvW than I can tell, and... well... probably we're somewhere into 2015. Oh and you're almost on Silver ranks :P




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Katya's journey of 9 years


Logged in Guild Wars 1 today, because today 19th of May is the day I started playing Guild Wars 1 in the year 2005. 

Ah so many memories! :D


Its been awesome Journey. I remember thinking of the name so long and then listening Freedom Call: Flame in the Night song, and that is how the last name was created. First name came from my real second name, Katja. 

I created a "Night" -Clan where my other characters started to get the Night prefix to their names. Nightblade, Nightshade, Nightwish, Nightscythe. I even have some "lore" written about the Night-clan and their stories, just never got around to finish them! Maybe because the story of Katya Nightflame was never over! :D She found portal in GW1, a future teleporting portal and that is why the same character can be found in GW2 as well.

One day, when I truly have time, I will go trough the screenshots and stories and forum posts and everything we got, and create that flawless HEH guild history "book". There are thousands and thousands of screenshots of GW1 and now GW2 as well. 

Still when logging in GW1 brings back so many nice memories. I'll always remember that game. In that game, I Created the best guild ever, and met the best people ever, from around the world. 

Hoping that we shall play GW1 together and keep playing GW2 together. And the follow-up sequels too. :)

I love GW1, GW2, HEH Guild and I am seriously looking forward to our next RL meeting! =)


~Nostalgy Hen

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Once upon a time, there was a lovely little sausage called Baldrick and it lived happily ever after.

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Milan Kosanovic
Sequel please!
Monday, 02 September 2013 17:57
The story was written by Simon, using my account when I told him not to mess with it during Officer meeting.
Monday, 02 September 2013 19:39
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